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Friday, 23 January 2015

Page 3? who should feel exposed?

Like it or not we the Great British public are subjected to manipulation on a daily basis, by the media, politians retailers friends and family. Everyone has an agenda, a message to press home. By and large we have the ability to spot whats going on and disregard it, but sometimes we swallow it up whole.

I think page 3 booby photos, say much more about men in our society and what men think of men than anything else.It is the Editors, (mainly men I bet) who have targetted the male consumer and made them the biggest patsy in all of this. Yes it may influence how young men see women if they read a newspaper that has half naked women in it, but the internet may do worse. Yes women are capable of more than showing off their beautiful bodies, Duh!!!! and yes news and titiliation should be considered strange bedfellows, but they are now indistinguishable.
The fact that for decades  a pair of bare breasts and sparkling eyes have been used to sell newspapers to men, only magnifies the poor regard society has for these poor guys who can't quite manage to read a whole newspaper without some light relief.

For all I care Page 3 can continue, it is men who are left exposed and exploited, I wont be buying that particular paper anytime ever and laugh at anyone who does, you suckers!

Alison x

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