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Thursday, 2 January 2014

In your groove? Or stuck in a rut?

I now have an abundance of a commodity, which once was rare for me and still is for many, and that is time. Precious and fleeting for those with hectic careers and families to raise as a pensioner (very young I might add!). At last I am the master of my own destiny . Or am I?

New Year is a time to reflect and make changes, so I did and I find my life although less hectic is on examination quite regimented. I walk the dog most days between the same times, on the same walk. I meet the same people along the way, we generally make the usual comments on the weather and so on. I love riding and I ride on the same days of the week generally at the same times with the same people. I do my housework on the days I don’t ride. I still find myself shopping on Saturdays, even though I could shop any day of the week which would be quieter, I hear you time poor shoppers complaining now, cursing why the likes of us don’t clear the aisles for you on the only day you can shop. We eat Dinner at seven, I phone my sister on a Tuesday, I get my laptop out after lunch and watch the same old tv soaps each week.

stuck in a rut?
Why? Oh Why? I hear you ask well I am asking that myself. When I hated the routine of work life so much catching the same train sitting opposite the same people dealing with the same BS every day, why have I now created my own rituals and routine?

The answer comes sharply into focus today when I gave my kitchen a good “bottoming” after the Christmas festivities, changed the beds and mopped the floors. It felt good to get back to my “ Normal.” All this eating big dinners in the middle of the day, falling asleep watching old films in the afternoon, being nice to the family and entertaining folk!
 well it discombobulated me.

In her groove!
I can quite happily say I like my routine and I guess the difference between being in a rut or in your groove, is choice, so I have created my own groove and its comfy and it suits me. Freefalling can be real scary so we are all probably happier with  routine.So I hope that you can find more time to do what you want and perhaps more importantly  like what you do, more, so you get in the groove too.

Happy New Year,