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A feisty mother earth type, who has an opinion about everything I would like to think I use my "chopsy" attitude to throw some light and perhaps a new slant on current social and cultural issues.

Since I moved to the country for a quiet life I have been lucky enough to create a more healthy more relaxed environment for myself. I love country life, Family, Friends, Horses and Dogs. I also love, photography, writing/chatting and connecting with others.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Dogs and horses  just make me smile here we are (I am filming  my two pals) arriving at the stables trying to get on our boots etc and "puppy" so called until they decide what to call him, just demands attention.

If you don't love dogs or horses .Hopefully there is something in your life that makes you childlike and allows you to get in touch with your inner child. and have fun.just like "puppy".

Alison x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Opportunities come in all sorts of guises

I find the Buddhist doctrine pretty comprehensive in its guidance for us poor mortals to achieve enlightenment.

There is a weak link however and its human nature.

Like dieting, you can buy the best book, DVD or even have the most fabulous fitness coach, or all three you wont loose weight if you eat too much, simple!

Am I on a determined and committed path to enlightenment? I would love to say “absolutely” but if I am honest, no I am not.  I wander on and off it, because it takes constant effort and conscious application. I don’t seem able to maintain either, consistently.

What jumps starts me back on track, is it a kind word, gentle encouragement, a motivational mentor? Perhaps, but as with dieting, self improvement, is not a passive activity. I need to put into practice all the advice I read. This week I have had cause to reflect about challenging incidents with people because what better way to practice than to be confronted with  difficult, irritating or upsetting confrontations  with a loved one or even a stranger.  Not that I seek them out you understand, this revelation has just helped me stop thinking about how these incidents affect me and look at it as a sign of suffering of others. Why are they so controlling, so angry, so critical etc etc.. What hurt are they dealing with.

My revelation is linked to the Buddhist doctrine and springs from its teaching that people who seem, unkind, unfriendly and test our patients are our teachers. I must commit to take the opportunity to listen carefully hear the fear and respond with kindness. This has potential for healing, but I cannot expect to see a result and feel gratitude. This is a benefit to me and I must be grateful to others, for this opportunity.  I know it’s not easy. No guarantees I will do well or maintain perspective, but I will try.
Alison x
PS I hope others can do the same for me x
PPS I start my diet tomorrow again LOL!

Friday, 18 November 2011

I’ve got my new boots on !

Well am I chuffed or what, There’s only one thing  better for me than new boots and  that’s new riding boot, because they represent my two passions, my only weaknesses, boots and horse riding combined in the most, delicious pair of chocolate brown leather Ariat boots and matching chaps. I am in heaven, floating on a horse shaped cloud staring agog at my creaky, sensuously aromatic footwear. Oh the smell of leather wow!

And why do I have these treasures? My beloved has bought them for me for Christmas. He made the fatal mistake of letting me put my feet in them and now that’s where they are staying. I used to be proper old school when it came to waiting for Christmas and birthday presents. Not anymore, these are just too good to sit in a dark cupboard. What urged my usually relaxed  husband to jump into action and go get my Christmas present, well it was seeing my utter joy last week, riding Flaire (see previous post of me cantering(very badly, but much better than I used to!)).

He said I looked like a child, so overjoyed and engrossed, well you know, he was right, I was. I can highly recommend the pure joy it brings. It doesn’t have to be horse riding, it can be anything that you feel passionate about. Don’t wait for Christmas and don’t think it’s too late,  or you’re too old, too thin, too fat. Do whatever floats your boat have a go, (usual disclaimers apply, needs to be legal, safe and if over 40 have a once over with your Doctor, Oh Matron!).

Go on grab life by the ***** you know you want to.i
Love Alison x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Making a little progress with my Canter

Not much to say about this, just all my life I have dabbled with riding. I love horses with a passion. Only recently (last four weeks) have I had proper instruction. If you could see my first lesson with the fabulous Hayley Rogers at Redbrook Equestrian centre http://www.redbrookequestrian.com/  you would see how hard she has had to work with me. I can't help it I feel I have made real progress today I know its still rough but I want to say a big thank you to Hayley. Thank you! see you next week.