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Monday, 17 October 2011

To Blog or not to Blog?

I started blogging with a flourish, aiming to post a new one every day and announcing the fact on Twitter. It was a challenge to think of something “worthy” a discipline to attend to it in a timely fashion. I tweeted about my posts and started reading other people’s blogs. I now find myself unsure whether to continue or stop, I ask myself am I fooling myself, that this is anything other than a futile enterprise, hoping others will be drawn to read my ramblings and find them witty, inspiring or thought provoking.

It seems everyone and their dog, has a blog these days so who is going to have time to read them and why is, the blogging community compelled to keep going. I think there are different types of bloggers, the “professional” ones, marketing their business. There are those needing a voice to air a problem and connect with others sharing the same problem. Campaigners looking to protect the vulnerable.  People with life experiences who care and feel they have something to give to others. Creative types who want to express themselves or feel their opinion should be shared with the world to benefit mankind.

Am I conceited writing a blog I don’t want to think that, I enjoy writing my posts and finding a piece of music to complement each one. There is a pleasure in it for me and if someone else reads it it’s a bonus. The few comments I have received have been thrilling, I’ve been bowled over to get a response. Is it like the cave paintings, after all who did the cavemen and women artists’ do them for who was going to see them? Perhaps we just want to leave a mark somewhere to say, “we woz here”. Well I’ve decided to keep writing and keep reading and I will be honest I do hope someone other than me reads my posts and if you do please let me know I’m not alone in Blogland.

Alison x

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