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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Embracing setbacks?

I had such high hopes for today, not breaking a world record or winning the lottery, just baking some cakes and going to a lunging lesson with friends. Its not going to happen though.

I am now resigned to resting and thinking and nodding off, its just going to be one of the those days, when I need to restore my energies and rebalance.

I consider myself very fortunate and blessed, I have had a rough time with me/cfs  but for the last 12 months things have been much, much better.

I live in a glorious part of the country and enjoy the outdoors, I have paced myself up to  decent walks , riding horses a couple times a week and a weekly spot of volunteering at the Forest RDA(Riding for the disabled) where I lead horses around and generally chat and have a laugh.

There was a time when I shuddered at the thought of socialising answering the phone or the retched unease with keeping an appoints never knowing if I would be  well enough.

I have had an array of things that have depleted my energies beside the fall off the horse (nearly two weeks ago) and hurting my back. I have also been a contributor to a TV program. My kitchen has been completely refurbished.  Its been very exciting and unusually busy. The people I have met have been so energetic and bubbly and fun.

Upping my activity and changing my routine does affect me but I wouldn’t exchange this dip in energy for a “normal day” if it meant missing out on these new experiences I have had recently.(the TV thing not falling off a horse)

So it’s a case of three steps forward two steps back, missing a lunging lesson and a no riding lessons for a bit,even. But I will rest and reflect back on the excitement. Cut myself some slack for not being 100% reliable, my friends understand and start again when refreshed.

Because I have got over set backs before they don’t phase me the way they used to. Because its just a blip. I used to fear I would lose all my progress and go back down the black hole, now I know stay calm, rest and be patient. I am lucky I know not everyone with ME/CFS can make progress, so I do count my blessings. Now I am going to count some sheep!
Alison x


  1. Great attitude! Hope your energy levels come back to normal quickly, meanwhile take it easy xx

  2. This explains exactly how I feel . I have shared it on FB via link on your page.
    Thank you

  3. I hope you're able to ride again soon. I know exactly what you mean. I hope your energy levels recover soon x


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