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Friday, 6 January 2012

Dear NHS do the right thing!

Surely the most moral and efficient way to address the Breast Implant problem is for the NHS to take control and “offer medical care free at the point of delivery” The arguments about whether or not there is a risk of a leak are really irrelevant. This dithering is a thinly veiled attempt by the Government and the NHS to avoid the full cost of putting this problem right. Quite right you might say, why should we, the tax payer, fork out again for a French companies mistakes, they should be made to pay surely? Perhaps, if they can be made to pay, and who better to take them to task on behalf of all their British victims than the NHS who has had to bare the cost of putting it right.

I also hear a chant in respect of the women who have been the recipients of the implants, “why should we pay for their vanity, they wanted bigger boobs, they can pay to have the implants out!” This is an extremely simplistic response and I beg anyone who thinks like this to think again about the varied reasons why a women would undergo this invasive procedure and the emotional and physical needs being met by it. Do I really need to say more?

Let’s examine this, without going into any great detail I instinctively believe our welfare state should act as a safety net and if someone needs help the fit and healthy of society must rally round and provide it. If we step away from my beliefs why should society take responsibility? Legally, someone somewhere has purported to provide a product and service of a quality that is safe and fit for purpose. This is now to be found to be fraudulent or mistaken. The recipients may, therefore have been victims of criminal behaviour.

Imagine you buy a bottle of Champagne or a “full bodied red wine from France” bring it home and consume it. Then you hear on the news that to save money the producers replaced the contents with a toxic mix that although looks, tastes and smells like the real thing can cause serious health problems. Do you think you are entitled to receive appropriate medical treatment in a timely manner from the NHS? Or do you think you should go to the errant Wine producers and ask them to see to your medical concerns?

Do you think the police or European authorities should investigate the matter on your behalf or do you think you should have to fund a solicitor and commence your own investigation. No of course not. As individuals we are vulnerable and at the mercy of wrong doers that is why we have laws and safety procedures. When these are flouted experienced and resourceful bodies paid for by tax payers need to fight for us and protect us . Lets not dilly dally anymore, we need to do the right thing in providing timely medical care for these people and seek justice on their behalf.


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