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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Good luck to the 40 million pound lottery winners!

Me and my beloved often play” if we won the lottery,” we enjoy toying with the idea of having “loads of money” we love rehearsing our initial actions. As things go we get by ok? Really have nothing to complain about, but we still do, its human nature isn’t it? We are comfortable as long as we remain “sensible” But the thought of casting off the straight jacket of prudence, is a dream I have .
So as the plan plays out I realise the biggest thing a lottery win would give me would be the freedom to be spontaneous and extravagant. I am confident I would handle this as a treat and not go completely out of control.(well I hope so). This is where the game we play starts to unravel though. My beloved is the polar opposite to me when it comes to spending money. As much as I love being impulsive ,he on the other hand is extremely cautious.
He is tied to research best buys and weighs up pros and cons for every purchase. I find food shopping with him a torment. I go every week and it looks like I throw things mindlessly into the trolley. I guess this comes from always being rushed as a working mom and feeling the need to get back to work ”time is money!” When he comes along to “help” he paws over every bottle of ketchup or loaf of bread as if his life depends on it. He can’t help it he’s programmed that way.
Generally our polar positions to financing, works well, he is the stabiliser and I am the impetus. We meet somewhere in the middle or left a bit right a bit.. If we won such a lot of money though I am not sure he would ever relax and really enjoy, my approach to spending and I would always be aware of his stress and that would take the edge of my spontaneity and pleasure. So the game looses its sparkle some more, but we continue and think about other issues, or should I say problems.
Problems? Winning loads of money, yes because we then start thinking about how we share the winnings and the responsibility that comes with that. We worry about helping the young in the family, would giving them money lead them to life of sloth and hell raising? Then there’s fairness? do you give everyone the same irrespective of need? Or do you have some sliding scale. Who are we to make these decisions anyway and how will this “bountiful” act affect all our most dear relationships?
Then we start considering charity and approaches from worthy and not so worthy causes for cash. Our energies start to flag and we stop playing the game. Its much easier to complain about our lot, we conclude!
So to that lovely couple who won the 40 million congratulations, we want to believe this will be a good and wonderful turn of events for you both. You have been lucky to win and we feel the luck will continue with how this windfall affects your lives together. We are not jealous, jealousy is so ugly we are happy for you and wish you all the best!
Love Alison

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