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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wanted-more time in the saddle- Forest of Dean/ Monmouth

I am re connecting with my love of horses now I have more time. I have been having lessons with the marvellous Hayley Rogers at Redbrook. I am concentrating on flat work and want to develop my aids and that wonderful relationship with the horse I ride. Unfortunately two lessons a week is about the limit of what I can afford. All things horses is expensive and I know it can seem a cheek , to those of you who commit so much to the care and schooling of their horses,but after reading a blog re someone who wanted someone to execise their horse as they had moved on to bigger and better things I thought well if you don't ask!
I don't have land and I just cannot afford my own horse, but I have time a love of horses and riding/school work and intend to continue with my lessons..
So is there anyone out there who would like someone like me to help exercise/school their horses. I dont mind hacking out too but would love to work with someone and their horses. I will be honest I do not want to muck out too much etc. Perhaps I'm crazy asking but please dont be offended I jut love riding.
Alison x

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