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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm off, leave it with you!

I'm off to the coast for a few days with a friend and the dogs. Leaving my beloved at home to administer tea and biscuits to the builders! I will be honest it was planned that way, although I love what the builders are doing I don't want to be here when they are doing it. I feel guilty having my afternoon blast of TV while restoring my energies and seeing them going to and fro in front of my lounge windows with barrows full of mortar as I call it, a load of " muck" or a "mix". as they call it.

Especially when I light a fire when the later afternoon gets chilly  and they are sweating like "navies" over my Forest stone. What am I like ?So I am being considerate of them and leaving to walk coastal paths by day nap by afternoon and eat pub grub in the evening , its a hard job but its got to be done.

Beloved sneaks upstairs and pretends he's fixing something, I think he has a recording of him banging the pipes while he fiddles with his computer and his guitar in equal measures. No doubt when the builders have finished their bit we will be busy enough, I look forward to that meanwhile we are like goldfish in a bowl and to those on the outside must look similarly dull.How many times can I clean my cooker!
I'm off then and there will be no blogs or tweeps for several days I am entering a wi fi free zone, outdoors, sea air, real papers and board games? I might just forget the board games.! and nap instead.

I will miss my beloved and my home ( I already miss my daughter as she left home yesterday-by the way she's fine room gorgeous etc etc -phew!). The great thing about going away and having new surroundings is coming home and feeling good about it. 

I hope someone will read this while I'm away but if not I love blogging as it marshals my thoughts and frees my mind
love Alisonx

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