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Friday, 16 September 2011

More like a rant today sorry!

How do you like yours? I like mine Free range!

I am not talking about chickens or eggs?  I’m talking about dogs! And no I don’t eat them.

“Free range dogs what other sort is there?”  I hear you ask,” cause there’s no such thing as battery farmed dogs! Is there?”

Yes there is, Battery Farmed dogs are alive, just about, and very unwell, more often than not. Puppy Farms are thriving, unfortunately.

How can this be, It frustrates me so much, how many people continue to buy puppies bred in worse conditions than battery chickens. (I despise battery farming of any animals BTW). Good advice about where and how to buy a pet dog is available everywhere and has been out there for years. Its not rocket science, most people could come up with 6 top tips, off the top of their heads, go on have a go,

If you want to check your advice against the Dog trust follow the link  http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/b/buyingadog/default.aspx

So if most people really know the right way to buy a healthy puppy why is there still a market for these poorly bred pups? There is a degree of subterfuge played out by breeders and dealers on poor innocent, naïve prospective dog owners and they get sucked in. “Yes of course you can see the mother, but I’ve only got one puppy left and I am coming down your way tomorrow, we could meet on the motorway, if you want one you best say now.”

So what are they hiding?
The basics:
Limited access to clean water, nutritious food, (adequate quantity and quality). Little or no daylight, fresh air, exercise and socialisation(contact with humans). Poor attention to health issues and failing health. Bitches being over bred, bred from too young and too old and well ill. All exacerbated by living in cramped dirty conditions.

Recently retrospective planning permission was granted to a “farmer” so he could continue to breed dogs in a barn containing nearly 100 hundreddogs. It was considered sufficient that these animals would be cared for by less than two people.

For more information about the case, where the farm is etc follow this link http://online.carmarthenshire.gov.uk/agendas/eng/PLAC20110818/REP03_06.HTM#P442_30500

For more information about the puppy farm trade and how they get ordinary dog loving people to buy their puppies.

The efforts of the local councils appear ineffective, Animal welfare agencies seem over stretched and the law is- you got it a farce! The best way to encourage the ethical breeding of our pet dogs is to not buy them from these people or their dealers so I am asking you to help now act and do the following:

-Please take time to read about "puppy farming" by following the links above.
-Spread the word to as many family and friends as you can..
-After considering the issues, please consider signing the online petition to stop the sale of puppies through "shops" and third parties(follow the link below)
-If you or anyone you know is considering buying a puppy please ensure animal welfare is a high priority for the breeder you buy from, (do not buy a poorly puppy from poor conditions thinking you are saving it)

If you haven't signed the petition re  this already please do 

 thank you

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